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TDP 638: Running Through Corridors Vol2

Running Through Corridors Volume 2. IN A NUTSHELL 1970s Doctor Who is revisited, reviewed and re-evaluated in the second volume of this fan favourite. REVIEW Long, long ago, (OK, it was 2009, the first gap year since Doctor Whos return to our screens in 2005), two men gave themselves a quest. Too boldly watch and write about every single episode of our favourite television show in the space of a single year... And It is fitting that in 2016 the year second great gap year, that volume two has finally materialised into our book shelves. For those of us who have been living on the dark side of the moon (or egg - depending on your personal canon) who may not have read the first "Running Through Corridors" you have missed a treat. Volume One covered the 1960s while this volume covers the 1970s and a third volume should cover everything else up to the end of the Tenth Doctors tenure. Authors/friends Rob Sherman. (Dalek/Chimes of midnight) and Toby Hadoke. (Moths Ate my Doctor Who Scarf, whosround and more DVD extras than you can shake a stick at) are not only watching every episode of our favourite show but also finding positive and witty things to say about each and everyone. Received fan wisdom is often a welcome casualty of this reasonably mammoth tome. There is nothing but love on display here. Its the love you have for a member of your own family, forgiving and all embracing. Emphasising the positive, while accepting that nothing is perfect - even City of Death. The only thing that could make this will any better be the immediate release of Volume three. It may it may have taken have taken years of this book to finally arrive but it was definitely worth the wait. Just don’t ask Rob when Volume Three will be out. No one likes to see a grown author cry. INSERT ITEM INFO. End of review

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