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TDP 618: WHOOVERVILLE 8 2016 005 Podcast Toby Hadoke, Michael Jayston and John Davies

WHOOVERVILLE 8 2016 005 Podcast Toby Hadoke, Michael Jayston

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TDP 616: WHOOVERVILLE 2016 004 Sophie Aldread, Eric Seyward and Matthew Dale

WHOOVERVILLE 2016 004 Sophie Aldread, Eric Seyward and Matthew Dale

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TDP: 624 The War Doctor Vol 3 - Agent of Chaos

This title was released in October 2016. It will be exclusively available to buy from the BF website until December 31st 2016, and on general sale after this date The Time War between Daleks and Time Lords rages across the history of the cosmos. Nowhere is safe. Worlds are ravaged by battles beyond their understanding, but certain other races hunger to fight in the ultimate conflict. When Earth comes under threat, the War Doctor is drawn into Ollistra’s schemes once again. But the wily Time Lord Cardinal has not foreseen every move. The Dalek Time Strategist has its own game-pieces in play, and when volatile forces with their own agenda join the fray, no-one can predict how the war might turn… 3.1 The Shadow Vortex by David Llewellyn Cardinal Ollistra exploits the War Doctor’s affection for Earth to send him to East Berlin, 1961, on the trail of a Dalek agent. Lara Zannis has breached the planet’s quantum shield on a very special mission for the Dalek Time Strategist. Caught between MI6 and the KGB, the War Doctor must first escape the Stasi before he can hope to stop Lara. Cold War scientists are about to make a breakthrough – the Daleks want control of the ‘Shadow Vortex’, and Agent Zannis can provide it. 3.2 The Eternity Cage by Andrew Smith Sontarans are the ultimate warriors – so they believe – and the Time War the ultimate conflict. Denied that glory by Skaro and Gallifrey alike, General Fesk of the Eighth Sontaran Battle Fleet employs a dangerous strategy to draw both sides to the planet Rovidia and prove his forces worthy… Meanwhile, the War Doctor leads a rescue mission, aided by Rovidian street-urchin Kalan. Neither Daleks nor Time Lords expect the Sontarans to be so fearsome a foe, until they uncover the secret of the Eternity Cage. 3.3 Eye of Harmony by Ken Bentley In the aftermath of events on Rovidia, the Dalek Time Strategist is presented with a unique opportunity to strike a lethal blow to the heart of Gallifrey. A devastating power is set to be unleashed, and with agents in place ready to do the bidding of the Dalek Time Strategist, the future of the Time War could turn in an instant. Trapped inside a critically-damaged Battle-TARDIS, hopelessly adrift in the Time Vortex, the War Doctor and his allies have a final desperate fight on their hands... Written By: David Llewellyn, Andrew Smith, Ken Bentley Directed By: Nicholas Briggs Cast John Hurt (The War Doctor), Jacqueline Pearce (Cardinal Ollistra), Neve McIntosh (Lara), Honeysuckle Weeks (Heleyna), Timothy Speyer (Kruger), Helen Goldwyn (Professor Crane), Gunnar Cauthery (Kavarin), Matthew Cottle (Leith), Dan Starkey (General Fesk/Sontarans), Josh Bolt (Kalan), Barnaby Edwards (Vassarian), Andrew French (Muren) and Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Time Strategist/Daleks) Producer David Richardson Script Editor Matt Fitton Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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TDP 619: Doom Coalition 3

This title was released in September 2016. It will be exclusively available to buy from the BF website until October 31st 2016, and on general sale after this date 3.1 Absent Friends by John Dorney Earth. The late 20th century. Across the world, the mobile phone is gaining popularity as more and more people decide to join the digital age. But for the residents of a sleepy English town sitting in the shade of a new transmission mast, that ubiquity has a troubling cost. When the TARDIS veers off-course, the Doctor and his companions find themselves in the middle of a mystery. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. And sometimes the future does as well. 3.2 The Eighth Piece by Matt Fitton 15th Century Prague: in the castle dungeons, a prisoner raves about the end of the world. Outside, Liv Chenka seeks out the workshop of a strange Clockmaker to see what he is creating. England, 1538: Lord Thomas Cromwell finds his duties interrupted by otherworldly forces – clockwork soldiers, an unusual nun, and a mysterious scholar calling himself ‘the Doctor’. Perhaps the truth can be extracted in the torture chamber of London’s Bloody Tower? Rome, 2016: Helen Sinclair has an appointment with an enigmatic Professor, whose greatest work is almost complete. Only the Eighth Piece is missing… 3.3 The Doomsday Chronometer by Matt Fitton While River Song takes Helen on an archaeological expedition like no other, the Doctor finds himself enlisted by an alien Queen to save her people. Trapped and alone, Liv stares death in the face as she meets the enemy who’s been dogging the TARDIS travellers’ footsteps throughout Earth’s history. The Doomsday Chronometer has been protected for five centuries: secret cults and societies jealously guarding its mystery. But what is their real purpose? The Doctor is about to discover the truth… 3.4. The Crucible of Souls by John Dorney The date has been set. The trap has been sprung. A life has been taken and a maniac is on the loose. With the TARDIS crew separated and in terrible trouble, will today be the day the bad guys win? Spoilers… Written By: John Dorney, Matt Fitton Directed By: Ken Bentley Cast Paul McGann (The Doctor), Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka), Hattie Morahan (Helen Sinclair), Alex Kingston (River Song), Jeremy Clyde (George), Ian Puleston-Davies (Angus Selwyn), Richard Hope (Phillip Cook/Kal), Anna Acton (Kate Drury), John Shrapnel (Thomas Cromwell), Kasia Koleczek (Apolena), Glen McCready (Solvers/Abbot), Emma D'Inverno (Rosalia), Tim McMullan (Octavian), Janie Dee (Risolva), Robert Bathurst (Padrac), John Heffernan (The Imposter) and Nicholas Woodeson (The Clocksmith).

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TDP 623: Whographica: An infographic guide to space and time Doctor Who Book Review

WHO WAS KILLED BY PSYCHIC SPIDER ELECTRICITY? WHAT CAN’T A SONIC SCREWDRIVER DO? More colourful than Tom Baker’s scarf, and more clever than Osgood, Whographica explores the rich and peculiar history of Doctor Who through infographics, charts, maps – and more! Follow the tangled threads of the Doctor’s family tree. Discover the secrets of Dalek evolution. Learn what the Doctor so desperately wants to know himself: where and when to find his home planet. Captivating, intriguing, beautiful and strange, Whographica will show you so much more than the average eye is allowed to see. Because, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could have ever dreamed of. Book Description ‘There’s so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see… if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of’ – Vincent and the Doctor About the Author Steve O'Brien (Author) Steve O'Brien is a film and TV journalist. In an 18-year career, he has written for SFX Magazine, Sci-Fi Now, Total Film and Empire and is a regular contributor to the official Doctor Who Magazine. Steve has also made many appearances on documentaries included on the Doctor Who DVD range and on BBC Four. Simon Guerrier (Author) Simon Guerrier is co-author of Whographica and The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who for BBC Books, and has written countless Doctor Who books, comics, audio plays and documentaries. In 2015, Simon was a guest on Front Row and The Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4, and with his brother Thomas, makes films and documentaries – most recently HG and the H-Bomb for Radio 3. Ben Morris (Author) Ben Morris has illustrated for Radio Times, Sunday Times and The Scotsman, and is a regular contributor to Doctor Who Magazine. He has created dozens of character icons and puzzles for Doctor Who Adventures. For BBC Books he has illustrated Who-ology (2013), Wit, Wisdom and Timey Wimey Stuff - The Quotable Doctor Who (2014) and Time Trips (2015).

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TDP_614_WHOOVERVILLE_2016_003_W_Graham Cole, Gillian Brown and Peter Roy interviewed by Luke Harrison of TMDWP

WHOOVERVILLE 8 2016 003 Graham Cole, Gillian Brown and Peter Roy interviewed by Luke Harrison of TMDWP

TDP 617: Bakers End - King of Cats From Bafflegab

RELEASED ON 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOW Peevish ACTORS are descending mournfully upon the remote English village of HAPPENSTANCE for the funeral of TV legend TOM BAKER. His one-time co-star Suzy Goshawk is SUCKED into a PAROCHIAL vortex of intrigue involving the quailsome local vicar, Tom's acidulous housekeeper Mrs Frimbly and various other fruminous SCUMBLEBUMS. None of them can agree upon how Tom met his disastrous end and Suzy is starting to suspect that something MURKSOME and SWERVISH is going on. The snow comes down and SUZY finds herself trapped at BAKER'S END for Christmas, with all the village's creepy pensioners enslaved by a strange, dancing dragon… and a Sinister Presence LURKING on the sidelines. Why are old ladies TWERKING their BOTTOMS outside the post office-cum-mini-mart? Why is the vicar creeping about in the bushes in the dead of night? And why, just when all looks hopeless, does a strange, scobberlotching creature SPROING into view? Who exactly is THE KING OF CATS in his furry costume and his battered golden crown? Also, there are elderly MUMBLECRUSTS who shoot LASERS out of their KNOCKERS. CAST Tom Baker as himself Katy Manning as Suzy Goshawk Susan Jameson as Mrs Frimbly David Benson as Reverend Ailing and Sinister Presence Lizzie Roper as Large Lady Stuart Denman as Idiot Actor Other roles played by members of the cast TECHNICAL Written by Paul Magrs Produced and directed by Simon Barnard Music by Edwin Sykes Post-production by Simon Robinson Design and artwork by Stuart Manning Recorded at Audio Sorcery, Tunbridge Wells

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WHOOVERVILLE 8 (2016) 002 Janet Fielding, Michael Keating and Mike Tucker

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