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TDP 5: Third Doctor Overview Overview of the Third Doctors time in the TARDIS:

Third Doctor

Spearhead from Space (7) Doctor Who and the Silurians (7) Inferno (9) Terror of the Autons (6) The Mind of Evil (7)The Claws of Axos (8) Day of the Daleks (8) The Sea Devils

The Three Doctors (9)Carnival of Monsters (9) The Green Death (9) The Time Warrior (8) Invasion of the Dinosaurs (6) Planet of the Spiders (8)



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TDP 4: The Runaway Bride The Runaway Bride, A review of the 2006 Christmas Special and not a review of the film of the same name. Presented by Tin Dog

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TDP 3: Second Doctor Overview Episode Three: Second Doctor Overview: recommendations: The Moonbase The Faceless Ones The Tomb of the Cybermen (7) The Ice Warriors (7) The Dominators (7) The Mind Robber (8) The Invasion (9) The Krotons (6)The Seeds of Death (7) The War Games (9) Presented by Tin Dog
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The Tin Dog Podcast Episode One

A quick Guide to the First  Doctor. 1963  1966 as played by William Hartnell, Companions in this era were Susan (The Doctors Granddaughter), Barbara, Ian, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo, Ben, Polly.

Stories recommended in this Podcast are marked out on 10 as to their Must See value but this is my personal view and not an official recommendation.

An Unearthly Child (Episode one) 10,  The Daleks 10, The Edge of Destruction 7, The Aztecs 7, The Dalek Invasion of Earth 8 , The Web Planet 7 (if you are in an odd mood), The Space Museum 6,The Chase 6 The Time Meddler 9, The Ark 6, The War Machines 7, The Tenth Planet 9 (Presenting By Tin Dog)

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