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TDP 260: Counter Measures 1.1

After the mysterious events at Coal Hill School, the British government has created the Counter-Measures group, a specialist team that investigates strange phenomena and dangerous technology. Their first missions will involve a haunted warehouse, a ground-breaking artificial intelligence, a mysterious new town and a threat to the future of the country...

Four full cast audio dramas plus behind the scenes documentary:

Threshold by Paul Finch
A missing scientist and ghostly phenomena bring Gilmore and Allison to a factory in Bermondsey, and the discovery of a science that should not exist. As Rachel Jensen returns to help them, a new future for Counter-Measures is set in motion...

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TDP 259: Batman and Spiderman

I went out!

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TDP 258: Protect and Survive Doctor Who from Big Finish

If an attack with nuclear weapons is expected, you will hear the air attack warning. If you are not at home, but can get there within two minutes, do so. If you are in the open, take cover in the nearest building. If you cannot reach a building, lie flat on the ground and cover your head and your hands.

Arriving in the North of England in the late 1980s, Ace and Hex seek refuge at the home of Albert and Peggy Marsden... in the last few hours before the outbreak of World War Three.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is missing. Will there be anyone left for him to rescue, when the bombs begin to fall?

Written By: Jonathan Morris
Directed By: Ken Bentley


Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex), Ian Hogg (Albert), Elizabeth Bennett (Peggy), Peter Egan (Moloch/Announcer)

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TDP 257: Big Finish Fourth Doctor Audio review 1.5 and 1.6

979. A legendary giant white worm is sought after by the Doctor, Leela and the Master.

    The Doctor - Tom Baker
    Leela - Louise Jameson
    The Master - Geoffrey Beevers
    Colonel Spindleton - Michael Cochrane
    Demesne Furze - Rachael Stirling


    Geoffrey Beevers played the Master, alongside Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, in the 1981 television story The Keeper of Traken.
    The Fourth Doctor also encountered the Master in The Deadly Assassin and Tom Baker's last television story, Logopolis.
    The version of the Master that Beevers plays has an emaciated, corpse-like appearance. This was first seen in The Deadly Assassin, although in that story, the Master was played by Peter Pratt.
    For the Doctor and the Master, Trail of the White Worm takes place between The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken.
    The Doctor notices that the Master looks different, less emaciated, reflecting the differences in appearance in The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken. This may have been a result of the aborted rejuvenation at the end of The Deadly Assassin.
    Beevers previously reprised the role of the Master in two Big Finish audios, Dust Breeding and Master, both with the Seventh Doctor. In those dramas, the Master had reverted to his former deteriorated state, after losing the form he gained at the end of The Keeper of Traken.

The Kraal attempt to invade the Earth, while the Doctor is trapped on their irradiated home world, Oseidon.

    The Doctor - Tom Baker
    Leela - Louise Jameson
    The Master - Geoffrey Beevers
    Colonel Spindleton - Michael Cochrane
    Marshal Grimnal / Captain Clarke - Dan Starkey
    Tyngworg / Warner / UNIT R/T Operator - John Banks


    The Kraals were in the 1975 Fourth Doctor television story, The Android Invasion. That story also featured UNIT.
    This is the first use of Kraals by Big Finish Productions.
    The Doctor and Leela encounter the Master again in the third season of Fourth Doctor adventures, due to be released in 2014.[2]

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TDP 256: Why Do We love Doctor Who So much?

Just me having a ramble

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