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TDP Christmas Short Story 2010: Very Little Green Men

My Short Trips comp entry is this years Christmas short Story.



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TDP 150: Short Story (The Outpost) Messages from other Podcasters and Xmas Update

Short Story (The Outpost)

One of my Entries into the Big Finish "Short Trips" Comp. Longer story in the Christmas TDP


Messages from other Podcasters and a Chritmas Doctor Who Update

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Planet of the Ming Mongs Issue One

Superbly Put together Fanzine.


Thought youd like to see it

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TDP 149: Meglos

The Prion star system contains two habitable planets which have supported civilisations: Zolfa-Thura, a desert world devoid seemingly of life structures bar five giant screens; and Tigella, a jungle world inhabited by the humanoid, white haired Tigellans. The structure of Tigellan society is based on two castes: the scientific Savants, led by the earnest Deedrix; and the religiously fanatical Deons, led by Lexa. The latter worship the Dodecahedron, a mysterious twelve-sided crystal which they see as a gift from the god Ti. The Savants, however, have utilised its power as an energy source for their entire civilisation. The planet’s leader, Zastor, mediates between the two factions, whose tensions have grown greater as the energy source has begun to fluctuate. When Zastor’s old friend the Fourth Doctor gets in touch, the weary leader invites him back to Tigella to investigate and help. When the Doctor, Romana and K-9 try to land the TARDIS on Tigella someone intervenes, trapping them in a time bubble known as a chronic hysteresis, causing them to repeat their words and actions over and over again.

The culprit is Meglos, the last Zolfa-Thuran, a cactus creature who has remained hidden below the surface of his planet in a secret structure. He has summoned a band of ramshackle space pirates called Gaztaks to help him in an audacious plan, and their leaders Grugger and Brotodac are greedy enough to try. Meglos wants to steal the Dodecahedron back from Tigella, as it is a Zolfa-Thuran energy source of immense power. To aid him, Meglos uses an Earthling captured for him by the Gaztaks to occupy and take on humanoid form: and the humanoid form he chooses is the Doctor, whom he has trapped in the bubble. While the hysteresis persists Meglos gets the Gaztaks to take him to Tigella, and infiltrates the city in his new identity. Zastor greets “the Doctor” warmly as an old friend, asking him to examine the Dodecahedron, but others are less sure, especially Lexa.

The Doctor and Romana break out of the bubble by throwing it out of phase, and then land the TARDIS on Tigella – but in the middle of the hostile jungle rather than near the city. As the Doctor heads off to find Zastor, Romana stumbles across the dangerous vegetation – deadly bell plants – and then the Gaztaks, waiting patiently for Meglos to return to their spaceship. She gives them the slip after a while and heads off to the city herself.

Meglos has used his time as the Doctor to access and steal the Dodecahedron, shrinking it to minute size. Not all goes smoothly, however, as the Earthling fights back against his occupation, causing green cactus spikes to break out on his skin. When the Tigellans sound the alarm Meglos hides away but the real Doctor arrives at the same time and is accused of theft. His bewilderment and charm are little defence as both Savants and Deons start to panic as the energy levels of the city start to fail. Lexa uses the situation to her own ends. Zastor and Deedrix are arrested in a Deon coup, with other Savants expelled to the hostile surface of the planet, while the Doctor himself is prepared for sacrifice to Ti.

The doors of the city are sealed, with Meglos still trapped inside, with a hostage Savant named Caris for company. She soon gets the upper hand when the Earthling tries another bout of resistance. In a subsequent mix up Romana overpowers Caris, letting Meglos escape and reunite with the Gaztaks, who have staged an attack on the city to rescue him. The Dodecahedron is in his possession and the pirates soon blast off back to Zolfa-Thura – though three Gaztaks, half the crew, have been lost.

The real Doctor has by now been able to prove to the Tigellans he did not steal the artefact and there is a doppelgänger at work. Lexa realises her mistake but does not live long to regret it when she is shot dead by a wounded Gaztak who was left behind. The Doctor, Romana, Caris and Deedrix head with K9 for the TARDIS, determined to follow the Gaztak ship.

Grugger’s ship touches down on Zolfa-Thura and Meglos wastes no time in restoring the Dodecahedron to full size and placing it at a spot equidistant between the Screens. He reveals his race perished in a civil war over the control of the crystal, which can power a weapon strong enough to destroy planets. At Grugger’s urging Meglos decides to use the weapon again and to aim it at Tigella.

When the Doctor arrives he plays Meglos at his own game and tries a little impersonation. The situation becomes so confused the Gaztaks lose track of which one is which, enabling the Doctor to change the settings of the super-weapon. Meglos abandons the Earthling, leaving a bemused man watching a cactus creature reassert himself in his laboratory. Meglos knows the Doctor has realigned the weapon. The creature is unable to stop the Doctor fleeing back to the TARDIS, taking the Earthling with him, and is also unable to persuade Grugger not to fire the weapon. From the TARDIS the Doctor and his friends witness the destruction of Zolfa-Thura, the Gaztaks, Meglos and the Dodecahedron.

Caris and Deedrix return to rebuild Tigella, recognising with Zastor and the Deons that old enmities must be put aside and a new society forged. The Doctor and Romana depart and prepare to take the Earthling home, but as they are leaving Romana receives a message from the Time Lords that she must return to Gallifrey

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A re issue of the First TDP Promo as part of the build up to the 150th TDP!

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Issue Three of the Fish Fingers and Custard - A Doctor Who Fanzine


With My article about Bob The Builder being a Time Lord

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TDP 148: The Lurkers at Sunlights Edge

Starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred with Philip Olivier

(Duration: 120' approx)


Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex), Michael Brandon (CP Doveday), Kate Terence (Dr Freya Gabriel), Stuart Milligan (Emerson Whytecrag), Alex Lowe (Professor August Corbin), Sam Clemens (Slade), Duncan Wisbey (Captain Akins)


1934: the TARDIS lands on a snowy island off the coast of Alaska – one that wasn’t there four years, three months and six days ago, according to the Doctor. The island is dominated by a vast, twisted citadel. Inside it, the Lurkers lie dreaming. It's said when they wake the world will end…

Led by the ruthless Emerson Whytecrag, an expedition has come to the citadel, to exploit the horrors in its ebon-dark interior. Horrors just like those published in the pages of the pulp magazine Shuddersome Tales, where a hero's only reward is madness, death… or worse.

Horrors that the Doctor and his companion are about to wake up.
AUTHOR: Marty Ross
DIRECTOR: Ken Bentley
SOUND DESIGN: Steve Foxon MUSIC: Steve Foxon
COVER ART: Simon Holub
RECORDED DATE: 21/23 June 2010 RELEASE DATE: 30 November 2010
PRODUCTION CODE: TBC ISBN: 978-1-84435-500-6

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snow dalek
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TDP: Things For Sale


or click the whostrology banner on to see the

Rare Doctor Who Stuff I have for sale.


More items added daily

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TDP 147: SJSA 4.6 and Children in Need  2010

Part OneEdit  href= Edit

Sarah Jane faces her saddest day, as she realises that no one can defend the Earth forever. She’s saved the world so many times, but must now hand over the task to safer hands. Clyde and Rani are distraught, and the forces of darkness gather as the inevitable day approaches.

Part TwoEdit  href= Edit

Sarah Jane has gone – but a new regime begins at Bannerman Road! Clyde and Rani must face the fact that nothing lasts forever – but can they still unite as a team, to face a new and deadly threat from outer space? Or is the old gang finished for good?

Plot Edit  href= Edit

Part OneEdit  href= Edit

A meteor hurtles towards Earth. Mr Smith redirects it to safer co-ordinates, and says it will contain germ pathogens. The gang hurry to neutralise it and stop the germs escaping. The meteorite reads all clear, then a strange woman appears, claiming to be saving the world. She drives off in a red sports car, and Clyde points out that she is doing the same thing as Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane does not look pleased.

They find the woman has just moved in across the street and go to find out who she is. She behaves coldly towards them, telling them to get out of her house. Her name is Ruby White, and she sees them as amateurs. She moved to Ealing because of all the alien activity- Trueman, the bubbleshock factory, rhinos in police cars and alien plant life. Sarah Jane decides to stay away from Ruby, but keep her eyes open.

The next day, Gita waves to Sarah Jane on her way home. Sarah Jane says she has to make Lukes tea, and then realises he is at university. Clyde and Rani go to check that she is alright. She calls Luke, just two hours after she last spoke to him, and can't remember K9's name. Rani suggests she take a holiday and visit Luke, when Mr Smith gives a red alert. A fleet of Dark Horde warriors are heading for Earth. They trace the scan beam and lock on to the attic to neutralise enemy technology. Mr Smith diverts the teleport to an uninhabited area. Sarah Jane starts acting out of character, giving Clyde a gun and saying they must protect the Earth by any means.

An advance party of three warriors lands on Earth. Sarah Jane plans to use a device to overload their sensors. She asks Clyde for the sonic lipstick, but he said she told him to bring the gun (which isn't even charged). Sarah Jane has made a big mistake. Then Ruby arrives and tosses spheres to both Rani and Clyde. She uses an artificial intelligence to project the Dark Horde with a stronger version of themselves; their logical reaction was to flee. Clyde suggests calling the AI 'Mr White'.

They take Ruby back to the attic, where Mr White gets along well with Mr Smith. Sarah Jane says she'd be glad to have an adult friend. Whilst explaining to Ruby how she became involved with aliens, Sarah Jane forgets the Doctor's name for a moment, something she can't believe she did. She orders Mr Smith to medi-scan her; he tells her there is evidence of brain tissue deterioration. Sarah Jane takes this to mean she is now too old to continue defending the Earth. Ruby makes friends with Clyde and Rani, who are eager to show off their knowledge of aliens, and Sarah Jane feels very left out.

Sarah Jane asks Ruby to take over the duty of protecting the Earth, offering her the house, Mr Smith and Clyde and Rani. Ruby agrees. Sarah Jane goes to leave, not even bothering to tell Luke she is going, and orders Mr Smith to wipe her voice from the command program so she can no longer order him. She realises something is wrong and begs Ruby to help her. Instead, Ruby teleports her to a 'secret cellar' which houses her stomach. She reveals that she is the one making Sarah Jane ill, draining her life force. She is a Katesh, whose race devours peoples thrills and emotions. She targeted Sarah Jane as she has the most exciting life on Earth. Mr White is making a farewell message for Clyde and Rani so they will believe Sarah Jane has gone because 'she' will tell them. Ruby's stomach drains Sarah Jane directly, as Ruby gloats about how she will feast on the Earth...

Part TwoEdit  href= Edit

Ruby explains that rather than stop aliens, she will help them, and feed on the excitement and terror that humanity will feel. Back in the attic, Clyde and Rani watch Mr Whites faked video. Clyde can't believe she has just gone, and blames Rani for putting the idea of a 'holiday' in her head. Mr Smith starts acting strangely, trying to give Clyde a warning- 'Beware Ruby'. Ruby shuts down Mr Smith and teleports Clyde to her spaceship. It was once her prison, until she reprogrammed it's game console (Mr White). Ruby leaves Clyde in the prison to suffocate.

Rani tries to call Clyde, and then hears a knock at the door. She opens it to find Luke. K9, who is back in Oxford, tracks Clydes phone to space. Rani goes to place the phone near Mr White so K9 can reset him and free Mr Smith from his influence, as well as rescue Clyde. Clyde leaves a message on his phone for the others to find and collapses. Rani distracts Ruby, who isn't convinced, but luckily K9 manages to reset Mr White in time. Clyde and Rani go to rescue Sarah Jane. Ruby corners them in the cellar and threatens to devour them completely.

Luke arrives and gives Ruby a warning to leave Earth. When she refuses, Mr White sends a hologram, so everyone on Earth sees a meteor hurtling straight for them. Ruby cannot handle the sudden inrush of emotions and thrills from 6 billion people. The stomach swells, then shrinks and releases all the energy it took from Sarah Jane back into her. Sarah Jane sends Ruby back to her prison ship, but Ruby swears to get revenge on her. Luke takes them all out for a treat, and Sarah Jane says that although the universe is full of amazing things, they have stiff competition on Earth.

CastEdit  href= Edit

CrewEdit  href= Edit

to be added

References Edit  href= Edit

  • Ruby refers to Sarah Jane's area as "The Ealing Triangle", a play on the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of planes and sea vessels have mysteriously vanished over the years.
  • Ruby mentions she has a bio damper.

Story notes Edit  href= Edit

to be added

Ratings Edit  href= Edit

to be added

Myths Edit  href= Edit

  • Luke and K9 will return. This was proven true

Filming locations Edit  href= Edit

to be added

Production errors Edit  href= Edit

to be added

Continuity Edit  href= Edit



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