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TDP 273: The Angels Kiss - Ebook

The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery is a 2012 mystery novel fictionally written by the character of River Song under the detective pen-name Melody Malone.[1] The book is based on a story partially told in British science fiction television series Doctor Who episode "The Angels Take Manhattan". The Angel's Kiss is a prequel to the story shown in the episode, as well as the book The Doctor reads within the show, as The Angel's Kiss does not contain the chapter revealing Amy Pond's departure. The book was released in e-book format on October 4, 2012.[2]


The story follows titular character Melody Malone, a detective that has been hired by film star Rock Railton. Railton believes that he is to be killed and makes mention to the "kiss of the Angel", which piques Malone's curiosity enough to take the case. Melody is further drawn into the mystery when studio owner Max Kliener notices her at a press party and insists on making her into a star. Soon Melody discovers that Kliener's intents are not entirely honest and that she must find a way to escape what he has in store for her before it is too late.[3]


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