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TDP 64: Notes from a Stolen Earth

Bees are small yellow and black sociable members of the  vespiform subspecies. Hailing originally from the  planet and migrating to the planet Fintlewoodlewix over 7 million ago.


Mistaken by the local inhabitants as nothing more than

poorly armed Insects, with an innate ability to dance, they were largely ignored until it was discovered that they vomit was surprisingly palatable to most native species.


Bee’s attempts to communicate or implant their portable translation devices into the native species were usually mistaken as attempts to sting humans. 


This miss interpretation of events never distracted the Bees trying to make first contact despite a surprisingly high death count on the side of the Bees.


However. The Bees left the renamed planet – now called Earth – Galactic codex Sol 3 - shortly before its removal too the Medusa Cascade.


The last message from the bees was miss translated by a kindly Bee Keeper who assumed the Bee was communicating the location of a bowl of petunias to its fellow drones.


The message was infact.


So long and thanks for all the nectar.




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