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Choose My New Theme Tune I have uploaded a new podcast (the review of the 6th Doctor will be live later in the week... don't worry) but I need your feedback about this episode.

You see I think I need a theme tune.

So ive edited 5 and put them into tonights cast and I'd like you to listen to them and email me with your thoughts.

1) the sound FX im already using

2) An edited version of the Fox Movie/8th Doctor Music

3) Edited version of the Fist 9th doctor ie Richard E Grants Music from Scream of the salkra (kind of funky)

4) My own creation using bits of ALL the theme tunes I had access too...

5) Mark Gatis lovely version of the tune from Dr who night.

come on guys... I trust your opinions.

what do you think? which should it be?
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