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The following review has corrupted information. 




Thank you for choosing the tin dog 3000 automatic  podcast review system. Today I will be reviewing INSERT STORY TITLE HERE.


                The latest offering from those brilliant people at Big Finish.


                This story has been written by, INSERT AUTHORS NAME.


                We already know them from such classic stories as INSERT AUTHOR REFERENCE STORY ONE and Insert author reference two and who could forget their sterling work on insert author reference three.


                So it is no real surprise that insert authors name was able to provide such a adjective missing piece of drama.


                Of curse it is the cast who really bring this story to life, insert name of primary actor and insert name of secondary actor. Provide performances on levels never seen in their time on the television show.




                Special mention must be made about insert secondary actor who is taking their character to a whole new level, visiting ideas that Insert television producer slash how runners name only hinted at.


                Yes, this story has flashes of insert obvious parallel and  hints of insert less obvious parallel to make the podcaster seem intelligent. But it must also be mentioned that there are arguable links to insert spurious parallel that will get people arguing on forums.


                All in all it is a wonderful slash predictable slash dyer story and I whole heartedly do slash do not recommend it.


                As with all reviews it comes down to one thing. If you like this sort of thing... then you will like this sort of thing. If you do not like this sort of thing then you will hate it.


                Remember it is easy to have opinions on something you did not make. While it is hard to actually produce something.  Always Respect the artist. 




 I will now play the trailer Run Standard Sign off Message


be seeing you.




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