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The Top Rated Doctor Who Podcast. One fan, One mic and an opinion. What more does anyone need? Daleks, TARDIS, Cybermen, Sontarans, Ood, Classic Series. Home of Whostrology and the Big Finish Retrospective.     Podcast Promo

The Tin Dog Podcast is an affectionate but not to serious and look at the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sara Jane Smith Adventures and the whole Whoniverse together with reviews of other British Science fiction/fantasy television shows and films. For more information and to leave feedback please contact

The Tin Dog welcomes you to sit back and listen to his rants and ramblings about all that����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½s best in modern SF and Television. Via the gift of the new fangled Podcast over the tinterweb.

As you can probably guess Tin Dog mostly talks about Doctor Who and its many spin offs but that wont stop him talking about any other subject you suggest.

Hailing from a non specific part of the northeast of England, Tin Dog is male and in his mid 30����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½s. A life long fan of almost all TV SF. His semi-autistic tendencies combined with his total lack of social skills have helped him find a place in the heart of British SF Fandom.

Even as a child the Tin Dogs����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½ mother told him that she can trace his love of SF TV back to his rhythmic kicking, while still in the womb, along to the beat of the Avengers theme music.

From Gabriel Chase to Totters Lane, from the Bad Wolf Satellite to the back streets of the Cardiff, Tin Dog will give you his thoughts on the wonderful ����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½Whoniverse����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½������¯������¿������½.

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