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Feb 15, 2008

Torchwood encounter an alien, Adam, who can manipulate the memories of any person he touches. He implants false memories into the team, making them believe they have known him for three years. As a side effect Gwen loses all memory of her fiancé Rhys and treats him like a stalker. Adam also reveals, alters, and completely fabricates other memories. Jack is haunted by memories of his brother, Grey; Toshiko becomes more confident due to her "love" for Adam; and Owen becomes a geek with an unrequited crush on Toshiko. After Ianto discovers Adam's secret, Adam implants a belief in Ianto, accompanied by terrible memories, that he is a serial killer. Jack recognises the threat and realises that the solution is to give the team short-term amnesia pills to erase their memories of the past forty-eight hours. However he is also faced with the knowledge that if he takes the pill he will lose all memories of his father. Toshiko takes the pill knowing that she will go back to being the person who had no flat warming because she had no friends to invite, and is reluctant to let Adam go. [edit] Cast * Captain Jack Harkness — John Barrowman * Gwen Cooper — Eve Myles * Owen Harper — Burn Gorman * Toshiko Sato — Naoko Mori * Ianto Jones — Gareth David-Lloyd * Rhys Williams — Kai Owen * Adam — Bryan Dick * Weevil — Paul Kasey * Jack's Father — Demetri Goritsas * Jack's Mother — Lauren Ward * Young Jack — Jack Montgomery * Gray — Ethan Brooke * Young Adam — Rhys Myers * Youth — Lloyd Everitt * Weevil — Paul Kasey * Dead woman — Jo McLaren [edit] Continuity * The opening montage features the Dalek-enhanced Thompson submachine guns created for "Evolution of the Daleks". * The Boeshane Peninsula, first mentioned in "Last of the Time Lords", is depicted here; and reference is made to the creatures who attacked Jack's family, first mentioned in "Captain Jack Harkness", and to Jack's loss of his brother Gray (first mentioned in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang") during the attack. * Ianto remembers falling in love with Lisa, a character seen in the episode "Cyberwoman". * Adam states he used to reside in the The Void, the nothingness between dimensions. * During flashbacks to Jack's childhood, we never hear his name being said so his true name is never revealed

fourteen and a half years ago

Every episode so far has been good, I\\\'m almost waiting for a shocker episode to dissipoint me, but it hasn\\\'t happened yet.

Peter W
fourteen and a half years ago

Hello! I\\\'ve found that photo you were after last year... I tried to send it,but it bounced off your old email address! Let me know where to email it to please.