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May 18, 2010

It has been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life forever. They will have to choose which is the dream world and which is reality.


Leadworth, 2015. Amy Pond is stirring some custard in a bowl but starts to feel pain in her pregnant body. Rory immediately arrives on his bike (with a pony tail on his head) and Amy screams Rory's name so he can get inside thinking the baby is coming. Amy's pain then subsides and both of them are about to resume their daily lives, when the TARDIS materializes outside their kitchen window. The Doctor exits the TARDIS whilst Rory and Amy hurry to him and the TARDIS before hugs are exchanged and the Doctor stating how happy they look five years after they last travelled with him.


Production crew

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Story notes

  • The enemies the old folks play are a race known as the Eknodine.
  • The Dream Lord traps the Doctor, Rory and Amy in an alternative world and Amy has to decide what is the real world.
  • Technically, the entire episode took place in the TARDIS.
  • The box under the TARDIS console the Doctor opens has the words: "TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Build Site: Gallifrey Blackhole Shipyard. Type 40. Build date: 1963. Authorised for use by qualified Time Lords only by the Shadow Proclamation. Misuse or theft of any TARDIS will result in extreme penalties and permanent exile." written on it.
  • There is no indication of how much time has passed since DW: The Vampires of Venice.
  • The sign outside the old peoples' home reads "SARN Residential Care Home". Sarn was the setting for DW: Planet of Fire.
  • This is only the second episode of the series (after Time of the Angels) not to feature a Crack in time but is the first non 2 part story to not feature a crack.


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  • The 'Dream Lord' was rumoured to pretend to be the Doctor because of a shot of him inside the TARDIS wearing the Eleventh Doctor's costume in the trailer. He was, in fact, the Doctor himself - at least, his dark side.
  • Aunt Sharon will appear. This was false

Filming locations

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Production errors

  • When Rory and Amy are running from the Eknodine you can clearly see no mud on his back, but he was thrown on his back, into mud, a minute before.
    It concerns a dream, that puts things in perspective.

DVD and Blu-ray release

BBC Video - Doctor Who Series Five - Volume Three will feature Amy's Choice, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood and Vincent and the Doctor. It will be released on Monday 2nd August 2010 (UK Only) on DVD and Blu-ray.[1]

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