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Oct 23, 2018

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Rosa (TV story)

Series 11, Episode 3

Thirteenth Doctor
Graham, Ryan, Yaz
Rosa Parks
Main enemy:
Main setting:
Montgomery, Wed 30 Nov–Thurs 1 Dec 1955
Key crew
Malorie Blackman, Chris Chibnall
Mark Tonderai
Alex Mercer, Adam Friedlander
Release details
Story number:
Premiere broadcast:
21 October 2018
Premiere network:
1x50 minute episode
Official trailer

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You may be looking for Rose (TV story).
Rosa was the third episode of the eleventh series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales.

Set just prior to Rosa Parks' arrest for refusing to surrender her seat to a white passenger, this story dealt with heavy themes, and included blatant depictions of racism, mainly directed at the Doctor's companions Ryan and Yaz.

Attempting to return home to Sheffield, the TARDIS instead drops the Thirteenth Doctor and friends in 1955 Alabama, where somebody is planning on meddling with time. Meeting seamstress Rosa Parks, the Doctor and her friends must work together to correct the flow of time and keep events in order before things go horribly wrong.

It is 1943, Alabama in America. Rosa Parks is boarding a bus on her way home from work. She pays the fee but the bus driver demands she go around and get on the bus by the side entrance, given "coloured" people are forced to sit at the back while whites sit at the front. She refuses, leading the bus driver to force her from the bus and drive off without her.

By 1955, the Doctor lands her TARDIS in Alabama, remarking to Graham, Ryan and Yaz that their location is not Sheffield as planned for the ninth time. Graham corrects her it was the fourteenth attempt.