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Parsec Award 2008 Finalists

Aug 19, 2008

Parsec Award 2008 Finalists Best Speculative Fiction Fan Podcast

A Different Point of View *
Doctor Who: Tin Dog Podcast *
Galactica Quorum *
The GeekSpin *

The Signal I'm aghast!

parsec awards page

Title: The Third Annual Parsec Awards

Description: Join us for the Third Annual Parsec Awards hosted by some your favorite podcasters. The Parsec Award is available for Sci-fi & Fantasy Original Content, Speculative Fiction and a variety of other categories dealing with the new frontiers of Portable Media.
Time: Sat 07:00 pm

Length: 2.5 Hours

Moderator / MC for panel

Wish I could be there!

Do you get a certificate for being listed?

Adam J Purcell
almost fourteen years ago

Wow, very well done! Nominated for a Parsec award - I\'ve heard much about those in the past couple of years. Great going. Doesn\'t appear to be an open vote or you\'ll certainly have had mine.

Up against some worthy competition (I used to listen to the Signal back around the time of Serenity\'s release and I\'ve heard of A Different Point of View (a FarPoint production (\"The Parsec Awards are presented by Farpoint Media\", hmmm...))

Still, good luck, you certainly deserve it!