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Fault on Invisible Enemy DVDs

Jun 17, 2008

To get a replacement disc you need to send your current one to:

DVD Support
33 Foley Street


The just released K9 Tales DVD set has a problem at the end of Episode 3 of The Invisible Enemy that causes scenes to play out of order.

the fault kicks in at around 21' 10, when Tom says "Get out of my head!" - there is a leap to the final lab scene where the "shrimp" appears. this continues to 22' 07 and the beginning of the "sting" when we return to the scene in Tom's head, until 22'27, when the credits kick in suddenly. this is all too noticeable and makes the end of the episode total nonsense.



almost fourteen years ago

Michael, Many thanks for pointing the problem out regarding the DVD and thanks for giving the general public the address for us to return the faulty disc\\\'s to! I honestly thought it muct have a problem with my dvd player so I\\\'m glad it\\\'s a recognised glitch on the disc itself.

Cheers, Mark.