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B10 "Voice from the Past" George Spenton-Foster Roger Parkes 13 March 1979 7.0 (80)
Blake suffers nightmares of the memory conditioning the Federation performed on him five years before. On course to the resort world Del-10, Blake makes a sudden unexplained course change to PK-118, a mining asteroid. Avon and the rest believe that someone is trying to manipulate Blake's mind and have him restrained, but Blake tricks Vila into believing that the others are plotting against him. Once free, Blake teleports to PK-118 where he meets a resistance group led by former Arbiter General Ven Glynd – a man who originally convicted Blake at his trial, but claims he has defected. Glynd, along with two other revolutionaries; the frail Shivan (whose face is masked with bandages), and LeGrand (a governor whose ship they later rendezvous with), claim they have enough legal evidence to non-violently overthrow the Federation and request transport to a political meeting on planet Atlay. Avon and the others however, only smell a trap when they realize a device Shivan carries may be controlling Blake's mind.

Guest Stars: Richard Bebb (as Ven Glynd), Frieda Knorr (as Governor Le Grand), Martin Read (as Nagu)

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