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The Pyramid at the End of the World was the seventh episode of the tenth series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales.

The episode saw Bill make a deal with the Monks to help the Twelfth Doctor regain his eyesight, having been blind since TV: Oxygen, in which he was exposed to the vacuum of space.

At a war zone in Turmezistan where American, Chinese, and Russian armies are about to meet, a 5,000-year-old pyramid stands. It's very strange, but one thing raises the suspicions of the United Nations: it just appeared overnight. The aliens inside claim that humans would cause the death of all life on Earth. Soon, the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole are facing an invasion the likes of which they have never seen before. Before they invade, the aliens need the permission of humanity.

PLOT edit
to be added

CAST edit
The Doctor - Peter Capaldi
Bill - Pearl Mackie
Nardole - Matt Lucas
Secretary General - Togo Igawa
The Commander - Nigel Hastings
Colonel Don Brabbit - Eben Young
Erica - Rachel Denning
Douglas - Tony Gardner
Ilya - Andrew Byron
Xiaolian - Daphne Cheung
Monk - Jamie Hill
Voice of the Monk - Tim Bentinck
Penny - Ronke Adekolouejo
CREW edit
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Agrofuel Research Operations uses EC 07, EC 31 and EC 46 to genetically modify R. planticola. They have been experimenting with the bacteria for at least 26 days.
Douglas is also working on Experiment 7C1677, Enzyme C36 and Culture 14578.
The Doomsday Clock is mentioned as having been started by some atomic scientists in 1947.
Bill and Penny are at the pub.
Bill and Penny go back to Bill's flat.
The Doctor, Bill, Nardole and the representatives meet up in a base in Turmezistan.
The Doctor's office is mentioned. As the windows aren't big enough, the UN had to break down some of the wall to get the TARDIS out.
Bill is wearing a jacket with Okinawa printed on it.
Agrofuel is located in Yorkshire.
The Doctor mentions Chasm Forge.
Penny mentions the computer simulation.
Penny says she's getting an Uber to get home.
The UN car's driver is called on his iPhone.
Boat One is boarded again.
The Doctor plays his electric guitar.
The Doctor uses his sonic sunglasses which have once again been modified to give him very limited spatial information; enough to identify structures and data involving individuals present with him (age, height, etc), but not enough for fine details, such as reading the numbers on a combination lock.
The UN sends of a USAF B52 towards the Pyramid.
The pilot "maydays" Red 12.
Agrofuel uses Bowes brand computers.
Citizens in Turmezistan use cameras to photograph the Pyramid.
The UN military uses guns.
The UN uses Defender 110s.
Russia tried to use a missile from a submarine against the Pyramid.
GriffinFinder is a search engine.
The Monks used a simulation machine.
The Doctor tells the people at the meeting to go use Google.
The Doctor is recruited by the United Nations.
The Doctor mentions UNIT and UNIT HQ.
The Doctor pays a visit to the Agrofuel Research Operations.
Bacteria are being researched in Agrofuel.
Xiaolian mentions flu and plague as possible ends to the world.
The Doctor mentions GM (genetically modified) bacteria.
Erica says the greenhouses at Agrofuel are full of Ethanol.
Bill thinks the Monks are vampires.
Bill and Penny laugh about the Pope being in Bill's flat.
Bill calls the President "orange".
Douglas has messages on his iPad from Terry Beyer-Rees (Head of Research), Dr Patel, J. Plant, P. Spriggs, Dr Sherives, K. Moore, P. Hilton, Dr D. Newton, Dr Palmer, S. Lamont and M. Henshaw.
The Doctor thinks Erica calls him God when she says "Oh my God".
The Doctor says "By George".
Biological data edit
According to the sonic sunglasses, Bill is female, 26 years old, 167.6cm tall, weighs 130.2 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 79BPM and a body temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius.
Nardole is male, 237 years old, 167.7cm tall, weighs 216.1 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 78BPM and a temperature of 30.3 degrees Celsius. Discounting River Song, whose status as a companion is a matter of debate, this data makes Nardole the oldest known companion to date.
The Secretary General is male, 70 years old, 165.2cm tall, weighs 140.1 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 68BPM and a temperature of 37.9 degrees Celsius.
Xiaolian is female, 41 years old, 167.0cm tall, weighs 126.7 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 76BPM and a temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius.
Don Brabbit is male, 59 years old, 177.6cm tall, weighs 141.0 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 69BPM and a temperature of 38.0 degrees Celsius.
Ilya Svyatoslavovich is male, 70 years old, 186.7cm tall, weighs 176.4 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 72BPM and a temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius.
The Commander is male, 63 years old, 176.7cm tall, weighs 176.3 pounds, has a resting heart rate of 75BPM and a temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius.
One Monk has a height of 204.6cm and a weight of 93.5 pounds. Another has a height of 214.3cm. The glasses are unable to detect their ages.
Bill and Penny are drinking wine.
Bill: white wine, Penny: red wine.
Erica and Douglas drink coffee.
Water is being drunk during the meetings in the base.
Nardole mentions air, water, food and beer, as basic necessities.
The Doctor says that they are against World War III.

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