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TDP 605: Summer of Blake's 7 2.06 - Trial

Servalan must answer to the mishandling of the Blake affair and she tries to have Travis eliminated by setting him up on charges of mass murder before he can testify against her. Elsewhere, distraught over losing his friend Gan, Blake goes to an uninhabited planet to "think". Believing Blake has run out on them, Avon tries to persuade the others to abandon him once and for all. Down on the planet, Blake encounters a creature called Zil who warns that he will be "absorbed" by "the Host". In space, Zen detects unusual tectonic movement on the planet and Orac determines the entire planet is a living entity, which feeds on its surface lifeforms. After being rescued, Blake decides to send a clear message to the Federation that he has not given up by launching a bold assault against Servalan's headquarters. The attack ironically allows Travis – who has been found guilty of the charges and sentenced to death – a means of escape, and he forces Servalan to help him get away.

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