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TDP 599:Summer of Blakes7 2.03 - Weapon

The Federation is in pursuit of a powerful weapon called the IMIPAK, (Induced Molecular Instability Projector and Key), a beam rifle that marks a living target with a point of unstable matter that the firer can use to kill the target later as they choose with a special hand-held remote. Its designer, a paranoid defector named Coser, is on the run and Servalan hires a "psycho-strategist" named Carnell to profile Coser and determine where he is hiding. In her scheme to get her hands on IMIPAK, Servalan has beings called the Clone Masters create a living copy of Blake whom Coser is expected to meet with and steal it for her. Once in possession of it, she marks Blake, Avon, and Gan and their only hope for survival is to outrun the IMIPAK's million mile triggering signal. Introducing: Brian Croucher as the recast of Travis Guest Stars: John Bennett (as Coser), Candace Glendenning (as Rashel), Scott Fredericks (as Carnell), Kathleen Byron (as Clonemaster Fen), Graham Simpson (as Officer)

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