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TDP 595: Summer of Blakes7 2.01 Redemption

Blake becomes obsessed with Orac's prediction of the destruction of the Liberator. However there are more pressing matters when the ship comes under attack by its alien creators, "The System", who want their property back. After fleeing, Liberator's control systems shut down and Blake heads to engineering to fix the problem but is attacked by a "living" wire cable with a mind of its own. Meanwhile, Liberator is remote piloted to The System's space station and the crew are taken prisoner. With Orac's help, the crew escapes The System who sends out another attack ship which looks exactly like the Liberator and Blake now wonders which Liberator Orac had predicted seeing destroyed. Introducing: Peter Tuddenham as the voice of Orac Guest Stars: Sheila Ruskin (as Alta One), Harriet Philpin (as Alta Two), Roy Evans (as Slave)

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