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TDP 544: TV Doctor Who 2015 - Episode 12 - Hell Bent

In a Nevada diner, the Doctor encounters a waitress physically identical to Clara, and begins to tell her a "story" about Clara; neither appears to recognize the other. In Gallifrey, Rassilon attempts to have the Doctor imprisoned and executed. The Time Lord military instead pledges its loyalty to the Doctor. The Doctor has the Time Lords use an extraction chamber to retrieve Clara from her timeline at the instant of her death. The Doctor takes Clara and a TARDIS and escapes Gallifrey, attempting to take her far away enough that she will return fully to life. At the end of the universe, the Doctor encounters Ashildr; the two conclude the Hybrid is the Doctor and Clara together. The Doctor decides to remove Clara's memories of him, but Clara alters the device so it will randomly affect one of them, which ends up being the Doctor. In the present, the Doctor concludes his story, who encourages him to keep going. In the back room is Ashildr and the TARDIS console. It departs, leaving the Doctor with his own TARDIS. Clara decides to eventually return to Gallifrey, and instead sets off with Ashildr to explore the universe.

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