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TDP 496: Summer of BLAKE'S 7 05 - The Web

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From the VHS release:

When an unexplainable gravitational pull traps the Liberator in an enveloping gossamer fungus near an unexplored planet, the legend of Cally's people - The Lost - becomes a reality. To break free from their 'web', Blake is asked to wipe out an entire species...

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TDP 495: Summer of BLAKES7 - 04 - Time Squad

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From the VHS release:

On their way to attack the Federation communications complex on the planet Saurian Major, Blake answers the distress call of a mysterious projectile, drifting in space, and takes it on board the Liberator. Can his crew simultaneously blow up the Federation's nervous system and face the consequences of returning bodies, frozen in time, to life?

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