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Celebrate Regenerate - HUGE Free Book! /PDF Follow the Links to buy the Paper Version!

This is the file Download for the entire  book

A Note from Lewis, the Editor

Year-long project, Celebrate Regenerate is an epic 303-page doorstop of a book, filled with celebratory articles for every televised Doctor Who story. Fandom has come together to build this wonderful archive of thoughts, memories and reviews, all in aid of the show's 50th anniversary this year.

A huge thank-you to everybody who got involved (writers, artists, companions, and those who helped spread the word), and I hope you enjoy the finished product! Ooo-eee-oooh!
The book is available via's print on demand service. 
And feel free to download the free PDF to read while you wait :)

Free Bonus Poster!

The 'Eleven Doctors' poster, as seen in the book.

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