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TDP 211: SJSA 5.2 The Curse of Clyde Langer

The Curse of Clyde Langer is a two-part story of The Sarah Jane Adventures which will broadcast on CBBC on 10 and 11 October 2011.[1] It is the second story of the fifth and last series.



[edit] Plot

[edit] Part One

At school, Clyde shows Rani The Silver Bullet, a comic he made. While Sarah Jane has a talk with Mr. Chandra on Sky's first day at school, a strange storm interrupts the meeting, when fish begin to fall out of the sky. According to Mr Smith, it is normal for the weather to be raining fish though the fish that day was abnormally large. Thinking it might be related to an old superstition involving a totem pole, the gang visits a museum that just opened an exhibition of totem poles and other such items. Before the entrance, a homeless woman begs for money, which Clyde gives to her, stating it probably wasn't her fault she is out in the streets. While in the museum, Clyde gets a splinter from an old Mojave totem pole.

Dr Madigan explains the legend of the totem pole. Hetocumtek was a vicious warrior who fell out of the skies and tried to enslave the people on the Mojave plains. The Native American medicine men tricked the warrior, imprisoning him inside the totem pole. Sarah Jane suspects that Hetocumtek is both a warrior god and an alien. Having detected no alien signs of any kind the gang leaves.

That night, Clyde finished his comic and signs his name on it before falling asleep. He fails to notice that his name on all of his documents, including his comic, begins to mysteriously glow orange.

Walking to Sarah Jane's house, Clyde shows her The Silver Bullet. She at first takes interest in his comic. At the mention of his name, Clyde's name glows orange in Sarah Jane's eye. Suddenly, Sarah Jane takes a dislike of Clyde as she orders him to leave her house. At the front of the Chandra's residence, Clyde tries to tell Rani and Haresh his problem he had with Sarah Jane only to face the same conflict when Haresh says his name as it glows in their eyes. Haresh then expels him from school.

Getting ready for her first day of school, Sky enters the attic. Sarah Jane tells her she will return to the museum to see if there are any connections between the totem pole and the fish incident. When she mentions Clyde to Sarah Jane, she is instructed to stay away from him. Unaffected by the curse, Sky notices the sudden hatred Sarah Jane has for Clyde.

At the park, Clyde is treated kindly by Steve until his name is said. Barely escaping from Steve and his gang who was chasing after him, he enters the museum. Asking Dr Madigan about curses, Sarah Jane enters the museum where she advises her to keep away from Clyde. Dr Madigan, who said his name, orders the security guards to throw him out.

Clyde returns home where he sees his mum with an envelope addressed to him. Realizing what has happened, he begs her to let him stay after she called the police to capture him. Finally escaping, he walks out of Bannerman Road. Out in the streets in the middle of the rain, the homeless woman he helped offers to assist him as she holds out her hand.

[edit] Part Two

While his friends all turn on Clyde as a result from the curse, he meets a mysterious girl on the streets that helps him through the hardship of losing his friends and loved ones. She introduces herself as Ellie. Fearing the curse will do the same to her, Clyde introduces himself as Enrico Box. Ellie tells him about the Night Dragon, how people mysteriously disappears because of the Night Dragon.

At the museum, lightning bursts out of the totem pole. Sarah Jane was called in to investigate the suspicions. Scanning, Sarah Jane receives detections of alien energy. She then sees one of the faces' eyes on the pole glow orange. Meanwhile, Sky at school notices how Sarah Jane and Rani hates Clyde but both fails to think of a reason why.

Sarah Jane suddenly tears up in the attic although she doesn't know why. The same thing occurs to Rani later in the car as well as Clyde's mum when Sky visits her. All of them feel as if they are missing a person in their life yet they do not realize who it is.

Clyde and Ellie visits Mystic Mags, who tells them the Night Dragon is coming and that it will take one of them. She also foresees something else that has put a mark on Clyde, a curse.

The totem pole back at the museum begins to cause the weather to rain and thunder heavily as the faces begins to become alive. Within the rain, Clyde and Ellie connects with each other, keeping themselves warm by burning The Silver Bullet.

Back in the attic, Sarah Jane and Rani share their tearing experiences. Sky, after being informed that Hetocumtek is getting stronger, discovers that Clyde activated the warrior god when he receives a splinter, creating the curse. She realizes that as long as Clyde is out in the streets, the alien warrior god will get stronger. Sky also sees that his name is the key to stopping Hetocumtek. She manages to convince Sarah Jane and Rani to say his name repeatedly to break the curse upon them.

Clyde draws a portrait of Ellie and shows it to her. She then kisses him and tells him she will be back, leaving to get coffee. Sarah Jane and the gang arrives, bringing Clyde to the attic, though it was without choice. There, Mr Smith transports the totem pole to the attic where it begins to fight back, creating lightning and destruction. Clyde, holding onto the pole, shouts, "My name is Clyde Langer!" disintegrating the pole.

Clyde, welcomed back by his friends and family, tries to search for Ellie. He asks many people only to find they do not know where or who she is. Clyde suggests they use Mr Smith to track her, but Rani points out her name on a sign, indicating that Ellie took the name. A man there saw Ellie board a truck named "Night Dragon Haulage". He explains that the truck driver occasionally would drive some people to other places for a better life. At night in his room, Clyde reminisces about Ellie as he stares at his portrait of her.

[edit] Cast Notes

[edit] Reception

Charlie Jane Anders of io9 thought this story to be as good as stories in the parent show Doctor Who.[2]

[edit] References

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