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The Tin Dog Drinking Game by Victor S

Jul 6, 2011

again the link is here

The Tin Dog Podcast Drinking Game v 1.3


    Episode(s) of Tin-Dog Podcast
    This list
    People (the more the merrier)
    Beverages of your choice

Instructions: Simple. Listen the show, and whenever a condition is met, take the appropriate number of drinks. The definition of "drink" should be decided before game play starts. Usually, a good mouthful will suffice.

Compiler's Note: I would advise taking some time before game play starts to decide which conditions to use and which to ignore.

Remember that this list is canonical, so you probably will _not_ want to use them all (especially with a new podcast, Since you'll spend all your time reading the list, rather than listening).
Please send any corrections, suggestions, Requests, submissions, flames, etc. to the address listed below.

Thanks Michael for the Tin Dog Podcast

: Compiled by (send me your input/changes)

Podcast Event - Number of Drinks
Host voice not OK - 1
Host is recording outside of studio/home - 1
Host starts to ramble off topic - 1
Host says "let it go" - 1
Host says "There Again - 1
Host says "Out of its Time" - 1
Host says "Better than I remember" - 1
Host asks for funds/selling something - 2
Host uploads wrong podcast - 2
Host changes Theme music - 2
Host podcast is not what he said it was going to be - 1
Host not reviewing Doctor Who - 2
Someone has donated funds for podcast -1
Host mentions iTunes - 1

Host mentions 'steam-punk' -2
Host mentions another Dr Who podcast - 1
Host plays clip from another podcast -1
Host plays audio clip from DW - 1
Host play recording of DW Actor advertising the Tin-Dog Pod cast -1
Host reads one of his stories -2
WHOSTROLOGY is the same as your birthday - 2
It's your WHOSTROLOG - 1
Host mentions the first or ninth Doctor - 1
Host mentions the second or tenth Doctor - 2
Host mentions the third or eleventh Doctor -3
Host mentions the fourth Doctor - 4
Host mentions the fifth Doctor - 5
Host mentions the sixth Doctor - 6
Host mentions the seventh Doctor - 7
Host mentions the eighth Doctor -8
Host references/compares another Doctor Episode -1


Host references Non DW SciFi series (Star Trek, X-Files, The Tomorrow People-etc) - 1
Host references another DW media (Book Episode, etc) - 1
Host really likes episode -2
Host likes episode - 1
Host sort likes episode -1
Host hates episode - 2
Host says "LI-N-DA" or mentions 'Love and Monsters' -3
Host references actor other work - 2
Host mentions "K-9" -2
Host mentions "BBC" -3
Host gives list of possibilities - 1
Host gives a theory - 2
Host gives a bit of Who Trivia - 1
Host says "TARDIS" - 1
Host mentions your favorite Doctor -1
Host gives episode 9 or 10 -4
Host gives episode 6, 7 or 8 -3
Host give episode 5 or below -2
Host references NON-SciFi series -2
Host mentions a clue for future episode. -1
Host says 'Candy Man' -1
Host is reviewing a Big Finish Audio -2

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