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Apr 3, 2007

Review of  Smith and Jones: Episode One of Season Three

On meeting the mysterious John Smith, medical student Martha Jones finds her life turned upside-down. A lightning storm sends the Royal Hope Hospital to the moon and Martha must cope with the fierce Judoon and a blood-sucking Plasmavore - and soon she realises John Smith isn't really who he says he is������¢���¯���¿���½������¦

Doctor David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) Writer Russell T. Davies Director Charles Palmer Script editor Simon Winstone Producer Phil Collinson Executive producer(s) Russell T. Davies  Julie Gardner Production code 3.1 Length 45 minutes Transmission date 31 March 2007

Ian Lawson
fifteen and a half years ago

Ok, I just wanted to say Im enjoying your podcasts immensely. I discovered them after hearing the promo on this weeks Podshock, and thinking to myself - yes, This bloke knows exactly how I felt post 1989!, and he\'s put it into words!. Downloaded them all and am just in the middle of this one when you asked for feedback. You must have inspired me, because Ive had an account at OG since 1999, I go there everyday and Have NEVER left a comment.
Anyway, good luck and thanks for the podcasts.

over fifteen years ago

Love your podcast! I\'ve been looking for an insightful (and shorter) Doctor Who podcast. Glad I\'ve found yours.

fifteen and a half years ago

this was the first episode of your podcast that i listened to and i like it. i started with this episode because i\'m a new doctor who fan, so the current doctor is more of interest to me and i figured i wouldn\'t be as lost. i know you don\'t think it a big deal that the new companion is black but as a black female, it is important to me and it makes me quite happy. yes, there was mickey (don\'t know if i spelled that correctly), but he wasn\'t the constant companion. being an american and not having seen the new series yet, i don\'t know how much i\'d like her as a companion though, so i hope she won\'t be a disappointment. btw, i don\'t know why the brits didn\'t like billie piper, but i rather liked rose and will miss her. also, i liked that buffy had a family (though i never did like joyce summers, but that\'s besides the point), so i\'d likely have no problem with martha having one as well.