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Aug 25, 2007

All 3 historys of the Daleks. in one!

All presented by Tin Dog (and NOT G. Chase)

see last 2 eps for full notes

almost seventeen years ago

Excellent. I\'m saving this for tomorrow!

almost seventeen years ago

I LOVED Gabriel Chase! Were some of the complainers from abroad? Maybe they just didn\'t get it, I don\'t know how well that sense of humour would travel, humour\'s a funny thing and even in the UK the most popular is rarely the best, it\'s generally known as \"too broad for my tastes\" which is a nice word for rubbish. It would be a poorer world if numbers set the standard everywhere, I\'d never had seen Donald & Davey Stott and would have to watch Brian Conley instead, and I would be forced to listen to Arctic Monkeys and proclaim them to be special and unique.

P.S. This version, as toned down by order of Michael Grade, was still great stuff.

almost seventeen years ago

I keep meaning to write in and make sure you know people are listening. The podcasts are great - don\'t allow yourself to be put off by the lone voices that say you are being political or your voices aren\'t funny. Have to admit when I first listened to your friend Mr Chase I did stop what I was doing (walking around Asda) in disbelief. But then when he started talking about the Histowy of the Daweks I chuckled away. Was actively waiting for the second histowy sorry history. Sure I wouldn\'t want to listen to him all the time but as a novelty he was, well, fun. Anyway just know that it is the silent majority that is listening and the complaining minority that writes in. Think the stats are normally something like 4% contribute and the rest loiter and lurk. Yours, a dedicated lurker, IrishStew