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Arachnids in the UK (TV story)

Arachnids in the UK
Series 11, Episode 4

Thirteenth Doctor
Graham, Ryan, Yaz
Main enemy:
Giant spiders, Robertson
Main setting:
Sheffield, 2018
Key crew
Chris Chibnall
Sallie Aprahamian
Alex Mercer
Release details
Story number:
Premiere broadcast:
28 October 2018
Premiere network:
1x50 minute episode
Official trailer

Arachnids in the UK was the fourth episode in the eleventh series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales.

The Thirteenth Doctor finally returns Graham, Ryan and Yasmin to Sheffield, just half an hour after they had left. Notably, these new companions actively choose to travel with her at the end of this episode.

Synopsis edit
The Thirteenth Doctor finally manages to bring her friends home, but with more time alone on the horizon, she soon discovers that something unnatural has happened to the eight-legged population of Sheffield. Why have they converged on an unopened hotel, and why is there a man going around like he owns the place?

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