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"Countdown" Vere Lorrimer Terry Nation 6 March 1979 6.9 (72)
Blake arrives at the planet Albion to capture Space Major Provine who is supposed to know the secret location of the moved Federation Control. Provine however, has triggered an inescapable radiation bomb in response to a planetary revolt against Federation rule. Avon, with the help of a mercenary acquaintance of his, Del Grant, rush to disable the bomb, which is hidden in a bunker somewhere at one of the frigid poles. Grant however, still holds a grudge against Avon for the death of his sister Anna, and they must put the issue aside if they are to stop the bomb in time. Meanwhile, Blake learns Provine is still alive, but doesn't realise he's disguised as a resistance soldier and trying to make his way to an escape ship.

Guest Stars: Tom Chadbon (as Del Grant), Paul Shelley (as Provine), James Kerry (as Cauder), Lindy Alexander (as Ralli), Robert Arnold (as Selson), Geoffrey Snell (as Tronos), Sidney Kean (as Vetnor), Nigel Gregory (as Arrian)

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