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Interview with Author Mark Wright  


Mark Wright has written many audiobooks, short stories, comic strips and novels for world-famous characters such as ***Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures,*** ***Power Rangers*** and ***Blake 7. ***He is the co-author (along with Cavan Scott) of the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling miscellany, ***Who-ology* and its follow up, ***Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff*.

Mark is currently co-editor of ***Doctor Who – The Complete History*** part work, and regularly contributes to the pages of the official ***Doctor Who Magazine*** and its sister publication, ***The Essential Doctor Who.* He has recently turned his hand to scripting the on-going comic strip adventures of the Doctor in the pages of ***Doctor Who Magazine*** and is having more fun than is probably allowed writing about his favourite Time Lord.

A full-time writer, Mark lives i near Halifax.


Mark Wright is a writer who frequently collaborates with Cavan Scott. He also served as a production assistant for Doctor Who Magazine beginning with issue 448.

AUDIO edit
Big Finish main range
Project: Twilight (with Cavan Scott)
The Church and the Crown (with Cavan Scott)
Project: Lazarus (with Cavan Scott)
Project: Destiny (with Cavan Scott)
Masters of Earth (with Cavan Scott)
The Companion Chronicles
The Prisoner of Peladon (with Cavan Scott)
The Many Deaths of Jo Grant (with Cavan Scott)
Project: Nirvana (with Cavan Scott)
Big Finish Bernice Summerfield
The Kraken's Lament
Peshka (with Cavan Scott)
Iris Wildthyme
The Claws of Santa (with Cavan Scott)
Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? (with Cavan Scott)
Iris at the Oche
Destiny of the Doctor
Night of the Whisper (with Cavan Scott)
Fourth Doctor Adventures
The Eternal Battle (with Cavan Scott)
New Series Adventures audiobooks
The Nu-Humans (with Cavan Scott)
SJA audiobooks
Wraith World (with Cavan Scott)
New Worlds
Project: Valhalla (with Cavan Scott)
Short Trips
Light at the End of the Tunnel (in Short Trips: Steel Skies)
Mortlake (in Short Trips: Past Tense)
...Be Forgot (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury)
That Which Went Away (in Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins)
Faithful Friends: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas)
Twilight's End (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: Defining Patterns)
Priceless Junk (with Cavan Scott, in Short Trips: Indefinable Magic)
Big Finish Bernice Summerfield
Christmas Spirit (with Cavan Scott, in The Dead Men Diaries)
The Crystal Flower (with Cavan Scott, in Life During Wartime)
Benny and Louise (with Cavan Scott, in Missing Adventures)
Iris Wildthyme
The Unhappy Medium (with Cavan Scott, in Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus)
Iris Wildthyme and the Colonic in Space (with Cavan Scott, in Iris: Abroad)
Project: Wildthyme (with Cavan Scott, in Iris: Fifteen)
BBC website
The Feast of the Stone (with Cavan Scott)
The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who
Sunset Over Venus
Project: Longinus
Project: Longinus (with Cavan Scott)
The Dream (with Cavan Scott)
Bullies (with Cavan Scott)
Doctor Who Magazine
Space Invaders!
The Highgate Horror
The Pestilent Heart
Moving In
Be Forgot
Doorway to Hell
Doctor Who Adventures
The Purrfect Crime
Who-ology: The Official Miscellany (with Cavan Scott)
The Quotable Doctor Who - Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff (with Cavan Scott)
The Fearmonger - Stephen Keyser
The Eye of the Scorpion - Slave
Project: Twilight - Mr Deeks
The One Doctor - Guard
Real Time - Dean
Sympathy for the Devil - Marcus
The Kraken's Lament - Shopper



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