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TDP 639: Space Helmet For A Cow

Space Helmet for a Cow Volume 2 - 1999 to 2013 IN A NUTSHELL A wry and honest look at the real life madness that surrounded the making of the greatest television show in the world. REVIEW Anyone who bought Volume One of Space Helmet for a Cow will be buying Volume Two, this might seem like a broad statement but even after a cursory glance at Volume Two, it’s clear that this celebration of the history of “New Who” (1999 onwards) is something worth shelling out those hard earned Grotzit for. This new volume covers a considerably shorter period than the first but still manages to cram its hefty page count with the same high standard of witt and critical commentary that went into the first. It is an extremely joyous trip down memory lane for those of us who experienced the resurgence of the new series from the ashes of old. Every page oozes with the sort of acerbic prose that many reviewers dream of, while taking care not to crossing the line into purely negative territory. Not only is it hilarious but it is deeply comprehensive and will act as a gentle reminder for all of those weird and outlandish moments that abound around Doctor Who production and the universe that we are part of. The book answers many questions that we simply didn’t know we were asking. Such as “Did Benny and Björn from ABBA really plan a Torchwood musical called Weevil Rock You?” or “Which Doctors shared a bed?” and the slightly more believable “How did David Tennant become his own Father in law?” It is clear that this was a labour of love, it lets us see Doctor Who as it really is - a TV programme that is as haphazard in nature as any other in modern television and it is celebrated here in all of its glory. I would recommend that you don’t get this for Christmas because your family will lose you for the entire day and become annoyed at your constant chuckling. INSERT ITEM INFO. End of review

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