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TDP 215: YOU AND WHO now on pre order

You and Who is now available to pre-order
(with a provisional publishing date of December 12th 2011)
from the Hirst Books website:

The legend Babelcolour gives a reading on his YouTube channel:

It looks like there'll be an 'official launch' at the Hirst Books Christmas Event in Newbury, on Saturday 10th December, where I'll be signing copies of You and Who, hopefully alongside other, more respectable Hirst authors, such as Michael Troughton and John Leeson, potentially - but not Colin Baker, alas, who'll be appearing in panto in Mansfield that day! More news as and when.

“It's a wonderful idea, and I'll be sure to buy the book.”
Robert Shearman
(author The Chimes of Midnight, Dalek, Tiny Deaths, Love Songs For the Shy and Cynical)

You and Who is the definitive volume on what it means to be a Doctor Who fan.
The book has been written almost entirely by previously unpublished authors, from the ages of six to sixty, and comprises more than sixty-six essays on the subject of how and why it is that we have come to love Doctor Who.
Whether it be a tale of meeting the sixth Doctor, building up a huge library of VHS tapes, or discovering the programme through satellite channel repeats, there's a story in here that almost any fan will recognise as their own.
Beautifully written, filled with warmth and generosity, witty and delightful, You and Who is a book that no Doctor Who fan should be without.

Available 1 12 2011 from Hirst Publishing.
The proceeds will be donated to Children in Need.

- J.R. Southall

So, here is the contents page! I've arranged the order of the submissions into that which I think best serves the material (and the authors), and I've tried to ensure that no essays too similar sit right next to one another in the book - unless I've specifiaclly wanted them to do so (there were a couple of instances of this). Wow! If your name's on this list, this must be pretty exciting stuff...

5     Introduction
11     Spoilers! by Cameron Sinclair Harris
16     Dear Doctor, by Chris Orton
19     The Taking of Planet Wilf (Part One), by Andrew Philips
24     Teatime and an Open Mind, by Stuart Humphryes
28     The Complete History of Doctor Who (1963 – 1989), by Jonathon Lyttle
41     The Matt Smith Generation, by Abby Dorey
44     An Unearthly Show, by J.R. Southall
49     I Was a Teenage Time Lord, by Rob Irwin
54     Voted Most Quotable Show Ever, by Mike Morgan
56     I Am a Doctor Who Fan, by Mark Hevingham
61     Loving the Hated, by Matthew Kresal
65     A Fireplace and a Rug, by Will Brooks
68     The Life and Times of a Whovian, by Daniel J McLaughlin
72     The Third Era, by Julio Angel Ortiz
76     Still Seeking Susan, by Richard Kirby
79     Further Reading, by Stephen Candy
81     The Trip of a Lifetime, Indeed! by Larry Mullen
84     Good Old Tom-Boy! by Dez Skinn
87     The Doctor, Me and Everyone Else, by Adam Ray
90     After All, Thats How It All Started! by Andrew Clancy
97     “Dont Worry, Hell Just Regenerate!” by Daniel Peat
100     Getting a First Look Through Repeats, by Joseph Channon
102     Every Child Should See a Doctor, by Vince Stadon
106     Who On 2 (Or, How I Fell in Love With an Old, Dead Thing), by Nicholas Blake
116     The Unconventional Hero, by Rik Moran
120     Tears Before Bedtime, by Greg Dunn
123     Mission to the Unknown, by Andrew Curnow
127     All Thanks to Patrick... by Paul Butler
129     Police Public Call Box Out of Order, by Robert Morrison
138     A Prescription for Nostalgia, by Kristan Johnson
147     Now Heres a Funny Idea... by Nicholas Peat
150     Shaping a Childhood, by Amanda Evans
152     A Special Time, by Richard Angell
154     Loving Who, by Cindy A. Matthews
157     Doctor Who and My Ongoing Quest to Like All Things, by Tom Henry
161     Infinite Dimensions in Space and Time: When the TARDIS Landed in Mexico, by Fernanda Boils
164     Through the Wilderness, by Dave Workman
166     Why Doctor Who is Like Christmas! by Nicola J. Johnson
169     “Do You Want to Come With Me?” by Grant Webb
172     A Madman With a Box Opens My Box, by Michael Russell
176     The Day I Met the Doctor, by Simon Hart
179     Who, Where and When, by Alex Storer
184     Choices, by Michael M. Gilroy-Sinclair
186     An American on Gallifrey, by Nicholas A. Tosoni
190     That Battered Blue Box, by Lucy Horn
193     Growing Up With the Doctor, by Antony Cox
198     The Day the Music Died, by Tony Green
202     Time and Again, by John G. Wood
206     Stranger in Space, by Greg Walker
208     Doctor Who is Responsible for Everything! by Mikael William Barnard
214     Why I Like Doctor Who, by Andrew Bowman
215     Whats Wrong With It, by Eamon Jurdzis
218     Me and Who, by Ben Jones
223     1993 Was the Year of the Tin, by Lissa Levesque
229     A Death in the Family, by Brendan Jones
234     Just Vinegar, Please, by Emma Lucy Whitney
238     We Walk in Eternity, by Matthew Crossman
240     Take Home and Keep, by Michael Bellamy
243     The Daisyest Daisy, by Jef Hughes
246     Genesis of My Enlightenment, by Neil Thomas
252     “I Just Do the Best I Can,” by Andrew Orton
256     I Think Im Rather More Expendable than You Are, by Christopher Bryant
260     Whose Time Is It Anyway?, by Paul Driscoll
262     The Taking of Planet Wilf (Part Two), by Andrew Philips
269     The Doctors An Alien So Am I, by Steven Ray
270     Its Got Daleks In It! by Andrew Tomlinson
274     I Love Doctor Who, by Elizabeth Tomlinson

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