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Jan 27, 2023


This title was released in November 2022. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until 31 January 2023, and on general sale after this date.

Axos has been freed from the time loop, and is plotting to drain Earth’s energy. Without the Doctor’s help to stop the powerful space parasite, UNIT are forced to rely on a multi-personality renegade Time Lord... known as the Eleven.

UNIT Chief Kate Stewart and her squad now have to confront her father's past foe...

3.1 The Vulpreen Encounter by Andrew Smith
When a forty-mile-long asteroid drifts into the solar system, Osgood and new UNIT recruit Lt Jimmy Tan are sent to investigate on board the newly-built UK spaceship Starseeker.

Kate Stewart visits a UNIT safe house in Norway where Jacqui McGee is recovering from the trauma of her experiences at the hands of the Vulpreen. She needs Jacqui’s help against the Vulpreen threat - but can she be trusted?

3.2 By Jacqui McGee by Lisa McMullin
As Kate Stewart and the UNIT team race to escape a Vulpreen assassination squad, Jacqui McGee uploads the most important report of her career.

Vulpreen Commander Krillen is coordinating a hostile operation across planet Earth. But are the Vulpreen planning an immediate attack, or do they have something more sinister in mind?

3.3 Axos Unleashed by Katharine Armitage
With the threat of a Vulpreen invasion imminent, a new menace presents itself in the shape of golden humanoids. A foe from UNIT's past.

Axos has escaped the Time trap it was placed in years before and has returned to feed off the Earth.

3.4 Time of the Vulpreen by Roland Moore
UNIT coordinates a worldwide response to the arrival of Vulpreen Arches around the globe. Troops stand ready to face the invaders.

Kate Stewart and Osgood form an uneasy alliance with the Eleven to destroy the time fields that protect each Arch and which are being used as a devastating weapon by the Vulpreen. But when the invasion starts, the odds may be stacked too heavily against them...