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Apr 20, 2022


Legend of the Sea Devils" is the second of the 2022 specials of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who, which was broadcast on BBC One on 17 April 2022. It was written by Ella Road and Chris Chibnall, and directed by Haolu Wang. The episode follows "Eve of the Daleks", serving as an Easter special.

The episode stars Jodie Whittaker in her penultimate episode as the Thirteenth Doctor, alongside Mandip Gill and John Bishop as her companionsYasmin Khan and Dan Lewis, respectively.


In 1807 China, the pirate Madame Ching raids a village and kills Ying Wai, the young Ying Ki's father, who kept the Sea Devil Marsissus trapped in stone using a glowing gem, and unwittingly releases Marsissus. The DoctorYaz, and Dan arrive to confront Marsissus and investigate the village. Ying Ki and Dan take the gem, split off, and swim out to Ching’s ship to take revenge. Ching reveals she is after the treasure of the legendary sailor Ji-Hun (who disappeared searching for the lost Flor de la Mar treasure) because she needs it to pay the ransom for her kidnapped crew, including her two young sons. The Sea Devils unleash a leviathan, the Huasen, on Ching’s ship.

The Doctor and Yaz travel back 274 years and witness a Sea Devil betraying Ji-Hun aboard the latter’s ship. Returning to 1807, they try to find the shipwreck to no avail. The Huasen takes the TARDIS, with the Doctor and Yaz inside, to the Sea Devils’ undersea lair. The Sea Devils seek the gem, the Keystone, to execute their plan. Pretending they have it, the Doctor and Yaz use it as leverage to board Ji-Hun's ship, which has been retrofitted with alien technology. They are shown Ji-Hun, who has been kept alive in stasis. He reveals he tricked the Sea Devils in their deal. Marsissus calls the Doctor’s bluff, claiming the Huasen has discovered the Keystone.

Ji-Hun, the Doctor, and Yaz board Ching's ship. Ji-Hun finds out Ying Ki is his most trusted crew member Lee's descendant and reveals he gave the Keystone to Lee, who escaped his ship. The Doctor discovers Ying Wai's plan. Marsissus seizes the Keystone just as the Doctor realizes the Sea Devils plan to use it to flood Earth.

The protagonists fight the Sea Devils aboard Ching's ship. The Doctor tampers with Ji-Hun's ship’s alien technology but destroying it requires two cables to be held together. The Doctor volunteers to stay back while the others escape, but Ji-Hun offers to sacrifice himself instead.

Madame Ching announces she has adopted Ying Ki and recovered enough treasure to pay the ransom. Dan calls his love interest Diane. Yaz confesses her romantic feelings toward the Doctor, who reluctantly turns her down out of fear of being hurt while affirming how special Yaz is to her and wishes they will stay together forever.