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Nov 22, 2021


297c 3 "Once, Upon Time" Azhur Saleem Chris Chibnall 14 November 2021 TBD 75
The Doctor jumps into the temple's time storm and stalls Swarm by hiding Dan, Yaz and Vinder in their pasts, albeit with many details changed. Vinder reluctantly relives his time assisting the dictatorial Grand Serpent, and his demotion upon revealing the Serpent's misdeeds. Bel, a survivor of the Flux, travels through its ruins in a Lupari ship, evading Daleks, Sontarans and Cybermen. The Doctor jumps into her own timestream and recovers memories of her past incarnation, the Fugitive Doctor, and Karvanista raiding the temple to defeat Swarm and rescue the priests, from her time in the Division. She finds the priests and encourages them to return to the temple, but the priests separate her from her past to protect her. A mysterious old entity reprimands the Doctor. Bel is revealed to be searching for Vinder as his true love, and is carrying his child and messages. The Doctor returns Yaz, Dan and Vinder to the present and fixes the timestreams. The Doctor returns Vinder to his Flux-ravaged home planet, after which a Weeping Angel intercepts the TARDIS.