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Nov 10, 2021


The Doctor lands the malfunctioning TARDIS near Crimean War-era Sevastopol, and is met by British general Logan and nurse Mary Seacole. The Flux's effects abruptly send Dan back to 2021 Liverpool, and Yaz to a damaged temple full of dying priests, beside Joseph Williamson and Vinder. The Doctor deduces that the Sontarans slipped past the Lupari's defences and overtook human history. Dan infiltrates the Sontarans' shipyard. Swarm arrives at the temple, reveals it to be on the planet Time, kills the priests and takes Yaz and Vinder hostage. The Doctor enlists Seacole to gather intelligence on the Sontaran camp, then summons the Sontarans to negotiate a retreat, only to be arrested by Logan's soldiers, who later fight a disastrous battle with them. The Doctor regroups with Seacole and Logan's men, and they disrupt the Sontarans' supplies, but Logan reneges and bombs the camp. The Sontarans discover Dan's presence, but Karvanista rescues him right before destroying the shipyard, which resets the timeline. The Doctor manages to recover the TARDIS and collect Dan, but it is hijacked and brought to the temple, where they are forced to watch as Swarm is about to kill Yaz and Vinder.